Class Schedule

Stay tuned for an updated regular class schedule in Oliver and Penticton, BC.



“Sarah creates an experience of openness, respect, sacredness and healing in a simply yet deeply effective way. I love that she provides a safe space for us to just authentically be in our bodies! Sarah’s yoga classes are something I wish for everyone to experience.”Raven 


“Nine months ago I went through a very traumatic, emotional experience that left me feeling devastated, out of balanced and lost.  I used my yoga practice to help me recover, and sought out Sarah’s classes to aid in my healing.  Sarah brings her authentic self into class, which provides a safe environment and allows me to trust her guidance, let go and just be. She always seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it. Sarah is a gifted teacher and special human being with a healing presence.”Cheryl


“Sarah’s classes are deeply therapeutic, in both body and mind.  Her subtle use of language reflects such wisdom and an understanding of yoga that runs deep.  In every class, Sarah will share simple but powerful concepts. The words that she chooses to express them are like keys, helping us to unlock and understand what it is to live in union. Her presence and her voice, gentle and powerful, fills the yoga space.  I feel like I’ve gone to the bottom of the ocean in each class!  It’s clear that Sarah lives what she teaches and I consider myself very fortunate to be one of her students.  A heartfelt namaste, Sarah.  Thank you!”Beth


“Sarah is the embodiment of yoga. With each instruction and invitation to connect with ourselves, you feel a soothing encouragement to reach into the heart of your own energy. Her voice has a magical quality of intelligence and calm. Taking a class with Sarah will transform you. I am always grateful to be in her presence.Suzanne 

I was always curious about the healing effect of chanting in yoga. I got to experience this for the first time when Sarah led me through a session of chanting during a Mindfulness Yoga Retreat she co-hosted. While chanting tears were streaming down my eyes. I thought I was alone in feeling emotional, but when we finished I glanced around and noticed that most, if not all, were in tears. These were not tears of grief or pain, but tears of joy. The energy in my toom was amazing and completely changed my perspective.David